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Facts and Figures
Blossom Season - The blossom season begins in February and runs through March. For your greatest enjoyment, plan to visit during this time. Come back in the summer to taste the delicious fruit.

Photo & Art Opportunities - Local visitors may add their digital photo to the online gallery by clicking the Share your Blossom Trail Photos link to the left. In addition, the Blossom Trail Committee in conjunction with the Big Fresno Fair has an annual Blossom Trail Art Contest, with the winner serving as the Blossom Trail poster.

Trellised Trees - This unique growing technique for apples and stone fruit trees provides better light for the fruit. The result is a higher yield of tastier fruit.

Drip Irrigation - The thin black hoses you see stretching across the orchard from tree to tree are part of an effort by Fresno growers to conserve precious water supplies.

Busy Bees - Much of the beauty you will see is due to the bees in the orchards. Please stay out of their way.


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